Spatial Scientific

Leaders in airborne imaging technologies

Spatial Scientific operates in three main areas:

Integrators of flight management systems

Spatial Scientific’s core business is creating flight management systems for our clients. By working with leading hardware manufacturers, we can provide complete turnkey systems, including all the required software and hardware, or we can assist clients to integrate hardware that they already own. Click the image above for further information.

Creators of the AeroScientific software

AeroScientific is the brand of flight management software developed by Spatial Scientific. The award-winning AeroScientific suite of products includes the Aviatrix flight management system, and the FlightPlanner flight planning software, both of which are in use in dozens of countries. Click the image above to visit the AeroScientific website.

Airborne data acquisition and remote sensing

A leading provider of remote sensing and airborne imaging services for environmental mapping and management. The company uses a range of aircraft-based imaging technologies to support environmental policy and management across a range of sectors. Click the image above for further information.

Spatial Scientific is lucky to work with a number of world leading partners. Click the button below to find out more.

Our Story

Established in 2005 and still going strong
Always creating innovative airborne imaging solutions

For over 10 years, Spatial Scientific has been providing remote sensing services and airborne imaging solutions spanning a range of industries. Today our main focus is on assisting clients globally to set up new airborne imaging systems. As a company our goal is to be as flexible as possible. That means that if a client already knows exactly what airborne imaging system they want, then we will assist them to integrate the components. Alternatively, some of our customers only have a vague idea of their requirements, so they rely on us to design and build an imaging system that exactly meets their needs. Either way, our long experience in this industry means that we can always ensure that our clients get the correct airborne imaging system at the right price.


These are some of the people that make us a great company

Paul Dare

Paul established Spatial Scientific in 2005 after a successful career in the academic sector. Paul is a photographer, programmer, and fully qualified commercial pilot. But most importantly Paul is passionate about aerial imaging; so much so that he wants everyone to be as excited about it as he is.

Simon Cronk

Software engineer
Simon has been coding for decades. He began his career at the University of Melbourne where he completed degrees in geology and geomatics, and a PhD in photogrammetry. Having worked extensively in C++, Simon is now happy that the majority of his coding is now done in C#.

Greg Davill

Electronics engineer

Brian Harvey

Sales manager

Spatial Scientific is the creator of the FireFlight airborne fire mapping system. We build and supply the hardware and software for mapping the location of wildfires in real time. Click the button to visit the FireFlight website.

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