October 10, 2016

Flight management software

Spatial Scientific is the creator of the AeroScientific brand
AeroScientific produces a range of software tools and hardware solutions to simplify the process of aerial image acquisition. Our software will take care of flight planning, aerial camera control, post-mission analysis, and multi-image alignment.

As aerial surveyors ourselves, with considerable experience in aerial survey operations (topographic, multispectral, thermal and more), we feel that we truly understand the challenges that operators face. We have developed our software to make aerial image acquisition as simple and hassle-free as possible. Having used our own custom-designed technology for many years, we are now pleased to offer our clients this same technology. We’ve streamlined our own aerial image acquisition process; we’d now like to help others streamline theirs.

We are keen to support everyone in the industry, from new operators who are just beginning, to world-class survey companies that are looking to add new and exciting technology to their operations. Our mission is to make aerial imaging technologies accessible to anyone, through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and collaborative partnerships.

Please visit our AeroScientific website: https://www.aerosci.info/