August 15, 2016

Our partners

Technology partners

These are the companies that we work closely with on a technological level: either we supply them hardware, or they supply us hardware. Either way, we have a close relationship with these folks.

Airborne Technical Systems, Germany
ATS is a manufacturer of custom-built flight management systems. ATS will build all of the flight hardware components (computer, power supply etc.) and integrate this hardware with Spatial Scientific’s Aviatrix flight management software to create unique airborne imaging systems.

FLIR Systems, Australia
FLIR Systems is the world leader in thermal imaging technology. Spatial Scientific has been partnered with FLIR since 2010, and has considerable experience in integrating the complete range of FLIR’s thermal cameras into custom-built aerial imaging systems.

Image Air Pty. Ltd., Australia
We have worked with Image Air for many years. Image Air supply us with aircraft and pilots all across Australia, and they even assist us with finding suitable survey aircraft overseas. Their pilots are some of the best survey pilots in Australia.

LRM Technologies, Australia
LRM is an Australian supplier of the FLIR Tau-2 thermal imaging camera. Spatial Scientific has integrated this camera into its Aviatrix flight management system, to enable low cost thermal imaging from both manned aircraft and UAVs.

SkyIMD builds camera pods for light aircraft. The pods enable DSLR and medium format cameras to be easily fitted to the outside of an aircraft, either temporarily or permanently. The pods are fully certified by the FAA, and are available for a range of different light aircraft. Spatial Scientific works with SkyIMD to create end-to-end turnkey solutions, which include cameras, pods and camera control software.

Somag AG, Germany
Somag, based in Jena, Germany, is a world-leading manufacturer of gyrostabilized mounts for cameras in aircraft. The smallest of the Somag mounts, the CSM-130, is ideal for small and medium format cameras, and can be easily integrated with the Aviatrix flight management system. Spatial Scientific is honoured to be a reseller of Somag products.

Tetracam Inc., USA
Tetracam is a long-established manufacturer of hyperspectral sensors that are designed for both manned aircraft and unmanned platforms. Tetracam is now bundling our FlightPlanner software with their hardware systems, giving Tetracam users a more seamless imaging solution.

Reseller partners

These companies help us to sell our products around the world.

DC Aerial Photos Inc., USA
DC Aerial Photos have been a reseller of AeroScientific products since 2013. Based in Fredericksburg, Virginia they are able to provide our products and services to clients across all of North America (USA and Canada). Staff at DC Aerial Photos have many years experience in aerial photography from light aircraft.

NEOS Ltd., based in Prescott, Arizona, is an operator of light sport aircraft for the US Government and a reseller of AeroScientific software products. NEOS works closely with government departments and universities in the USA and beyond (Canada and Central/South America).

Airborne Technical Systems, Germany
In addition to manufacturing custom-built flight management systems, ATS is also a reseller of AeroScientific software. Based in Germany, ATS staff speak a range of European languages (German, English, Russian), and can assist clients from Europe who wish to purchase AeroScientific products.

Aeroglance, Lithuania
Aeroglance is the trademark of Applied Aviation Association of Lithuania: an organisation which brings together different specialists working in aerial survey, air and water pollution monitoring, vegetation management and so on. Aeroglance use a wide range of light aircraft like the Helicopter R44, the Cessna 172, and the Atec Faeta 321. Aeroglance staff promote Spatial Scientific’s products and services to European clients, especially those based in the Baltic countries, Eastern Europe and Russia.—applied-aviation-association