October 11, 2016

Remote sensing

Spatial Scientific has been acquiring a wide range of image data from aircraft for many years. This is in fact where the company originally started. Today we still acquire airborne data, either using our own aircraft based in South Australia, or aircraft supplied by our partners elsewhere in Australia. To maintain¬†the distinction between our various business units, we market our airborne data acquisition services under the brand “Remote Sensing Australia”.

Remote Sensing Australia is a leading provider of many different types of aerial data, including:

  • Airborne thermal imaging
  • Aerial multispectral data
  • Topographic mapping services

We work within the mining, agricultural, defence and environmental industries, for clients including multinational mining companies, environmental consultants, primary producers, government departments, and universities and research institutes.

We can provide services across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

For full details, please visit our website dedicated to airborne data acquisition: www.remotesensing.com.au


Our survey aircraft, based at Aldinga, South Australia